Imagine. Design. Create.

Imagination is not given, nor is it acquired. It is experienced.
Mine is deeply rooted in my childhood in Beirut and was broadened throughout my adventures abroad.

I started my career as an interior architect, only to realize that I had a natural affinity to objects–their shape, texture and function. I followed my instincts to Milan where I specialized in furniture and industrial design,
a discipline that satisfied my urge to create, but also to produce.

I also realized that wood was my favorite canvas. It is through my interaction with this noble and generous material, and through shaping objects I once imagined into life, that I felt complete as a designer.

Every object I create tells a story, be it through its design, purpose or simply its interaction with light. I infuse my creations with lyricism and humor making them useful story books one can read in any direction through organic, clean and mostly gentle lines.

Nadine Hajjar Portrait

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