La Nuit – Mirror

Oval: 48” x 20” x 1.5”

Rectangle with rounded edges: 36” x 26” x 1.5”

Bleached Ash and Brass


La Nuit Mirror is meticulously handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood, expertly carved to form an organic, flowing shape reminiscent of nature’s own design. The surface is adorned with intricate brass spheres, delicately inlaid to resemble a star-studded night sky, adding a touch of celestial charm to your home decor. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings, this mirror brings a sense of ethereal wonder to any room. Whether adorning the entryway, living room, or bedroom, its unique blend of craftsmanship and artistry is sure to captivate the attention of all who behold it.

With its timeless beauty and eco-conscious construction, La Nuit Mirror is more than just a decorative piece—it’s a statement of your commitment to both style and sustainability. Elevate your space with celestial elegance and immerse yourself in the magic of the night sky with this exceptional mirror.


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